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I am fiercely in love with three men. Three men who I can’t rid from my mind for a mere second and it plays havoc on my emotions.

I felt that you had no wish for time with me, not to mention when you are with your Daughter and the man she calls her Father-figure in a home in the middle of nowhere, fighting side-by-side-by-side…things happen, emotions from long ago rekindle and damnit if you know, of all people, that I am loathe to be the source of pain for others.

You are only entitled to one, Surfacer.

To lay claim to three is to claim insanity.

No, you are forever the source of pain. I offered you forgiveness once, I was generous and gave you a second chance.

You threw such a thing back in my face by refusing to wait mere moments longer.


I am terrible and all the worse for the lack of you.

How so? You left my company in search of a common dog. You seemed happy enough then to rip my heart out with lies and betrayal once more.

(Source: weatherwitchwhispers)